Services Comparison

Below is a list of some of the services we offer in comparison to other short-term rental management companies in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas.

Being local allows us to do more at a better quality for less.

Services Offered: Hoste Evolve Vacasa TurnkeyVR
Multiple Booking Channels
Dynamic Pricing
Reservation Management
Owner Dashboard
Guest Screening
Local Team
Local Recommendations and Experiences
Free Linen Replacement
Fully Managed Cleaning
Laundry Is Done Off-Site
Resupply Between Guests
Sales Tax Remittance
Changes Codes Between Guests ? ? ?
24/7 Local Emergency Support
Local In-house Maintenance
Variable Cleaning Inspections

See Pricing To The Owner Below:

Cost to Owner: Hoste Evolve Vacasa TurnkeyVR
Property Management Cost 22% 10% 35% 22%
Resupply Fees Fixed Rate Each Month $10-25/per booking
Credit Card Processing Fees 3.2% 3.5% 3-4% 3-4%
Technology Cost $0 $0 $410 per year $0

See Pricing To The Guest Below:

Cost to Guest: Hoste Evolve Vacasa TurnkeyVR
Cleaning Fee
Additional Guest Booking Fee 8% $14.50/night 12% 9%
Late Checkout Fee (if applicable)
Pet Fee (if applicable)

Damage Waiver: Varies on the size of home