Private Wine Tastings

Professional sommelier services brought to you right in your home or airbnb.

Try a wine tasting at home with a certified sommelier

Wine tasting finds its roots in 18th century aristocracy where only those with high status were afforded such a luxury. They would try various wines from even more diverse lands from across the world. In a competition to discover the best wine, those partaking in wine tastings would argue and delight over the subtlety, dynamism, longevity of each distinct wine. As a leisurely activity, it soon spread and today finds its way into a modern context.

What separates wine tastings from the past to today is the sheer volume of wines to try with internationalization. Wines from countries where it is most favorably and delicately procured– British Columbia, Bordeaux France, Mendoza Argentina, Tuscany Italy, Yarra Valley Australia, and of course on our own soil too. Napa & Sonoma California, and Fingerlakes New York come to mind. 

At Hoste, we’re trying to bring the convenience of the 21st century alongside a beautifully diverse range of wines to your very airbnb. 

Introducing Hoste Private Wine Tastings, a special way to not only celebrate but learn about the rich culture and hard work that goes into producing wine. 

Hoste private wine tasting
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With Hoste wine tastings, we bring class and exquisite wine choices to you. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your wine like the true connoisseur you are.
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What’s the benefit of using sommelier services?

Beyond surface level knowledge of wine you will learn about the objective qualities of wine –the complexity, harmony, subtly, dynamism, development, and duration of each particular wine– to impact the way you think, talk about, and enjoy wine.

Your appreciation of wine will expand as you learn to not just taste, but to decipher tones and consistency. As you swallow, you will learn to detect the duration, to notice subtle versus bold flavors, and to enjoy wine on a level akin to aristocrats in the 18th century. Although less prestigious than in the 1870’s, all of the information on how to enjoy and understand wine is available to you through our certified sommelier. 

Meet Your Sommelier

Certified sommelier and UW Stout graduate, Baillye Naughton is owner of “Sincerely, Baillye”, a local wine tasting business in Colorado Springs. She has over ten years of experience in the service industry from which she found her passion for wines and spirits as a bartender and sommelier. Today, she is excited to educate others, both newcomers and already-converted-wine-enthusiasts to the fascinating culture, production, and appreciation of wine. 

Wine Tasting Pricing: Choose Your Palete

Not everyone has the same palette – we get that. That’s why we want to showcase a diverse range of wines. Whether it’s local, seasonal, or regional, there is something for everyone to try. Each wine package contains four bottles of wine, so even within a single wine tasting you will have so many different flavors to enjoy.

  • Local Wine Package: $30 per person

    Featuring a few Colorado Native wineries, stretching from Palmer Park to Denver. With this wine package you will experience unanimous local favorites. All the wines on the list have been grown by locally established vineyards, which have miraculously aged properly despite the unpredictable weather conditions Colorado is known for. Enjoy the taste of Colorado’s unique battle to produce truly exquisite wines with a diverse selection of undeniably great wines.

    Wines included: Evergood Elixir’s Snow Bunny, A strawberry lemon flavored wine made in Palmer Lake Colorado. Colterris’s Bubbles, and Monkey Theorem’s Cabernet Franc. 

  • Seasonal Wine Package: $35 per person

    Fall is a favorite season amongst so many people. But sometimes it’s hard to pick a wine that pairs well with the feelings the new season inevitably brings. During this time, we start carving pumpkins, putting on layers of clothes to avoid the brisk, cold air, and enjoy home-cooked dinners. Well, if you like fall, then we’ve got the wine that will pair perfectly with the fall season. 

    Wines included: two very distinctive whites: Chenin Blanc and Soave, alongside two international reds: Rioja and Beaujaulouis

  • Regional Wine Package: $40 per person

    Wines from across the globe, we change our regional package every 2-3 months to keep your options fresh. Although many people first think of France, Italy, Spain, and California as great wine producing regions, we’ve picked less renown regions to sample. The benefit of the regional wine package is you get to learn about these various cultures from across the world, while trying their flagship wines. 

    At this time, the regional wine package includes wines from Australia and New Zealand: Riesling and Shiraz from Australia, as well as Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir from New Zealand.

*Each group is charged $50 per group for sommelier services, which includes purchase and chilled transportation of bottles, table-side services, and most importantly an in-depth, engaging education on your chosen wines. Best part of all, you get to keep your favorite bottle of wine.

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basement filled with well aged wine

Enjoy a private wine tasting in the comfort of your vacation rental in Colorado Springs

Whether you’re a well-aged wine connoisseur or a curious newcomer, everyone can benefit from our private wine tasting events. In the comfort of your airbnb, our certified sommelier will come to you with four chilled bottles of wine. You will learn about the rich history and culture of wine production, as well as learn how to talk in an educated manner about wines. Wine tastings are not only about celebrating, but learning about the world and one of its finest fruits from the vine.