Need Help Buying a Short-term Rental?

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We launched our first Airbnb in January of 2014, and have never looked back. That decision led us to paying off significant debt, financing a few vacations and quitting our day jobs. Since then, we have both become real estate professionals with a niche in short-term rentals (STRs).

In addition to consulting on Airbnbs, we also have an Airbnb BiggerPockets video series, teach monthly classes on short-term rentals, provide free reports on our website regarding short-term rental laws up and down the front range and have been quoted in multiple media outlets as a source for Airbnb locally.

Because investing has been life changing for us, we are enthusiastic but measured advocates for our clients. We provide a realistic analysis on Airbnb rents, properties and the pros/cons of short-term rental investing. Since our brand is tied heavily to short-term rentals, your success or failure is also our success or failure. In other words, we will share your interests and always work with you to get a successful, cash flowing property.

And who are we…? James Carlson and Erin Spradlin are co-owners of James Carlson Real Estate. We own four investments, including an Airbnb duplex in Colorado Springs (managed by HOSTE). While James is from Missouri, Erin grew up in Colorado Springs and knows it well. To date, we have helped buyers identify and start 18 different Airbnb properties between Denver and Colorado Springs.

Whether you are on the fence or ready to go, we are confident that between Phil, Evan and us—we can get you the right property. Please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help!