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Imagine having a local vacation rental property management team that takes your vacation rental, gets people booking your property at premium prices, provides your guests with support 24/7, handles property cleaning & maintenance, takes care of accounting and sales tax remittance while you sit back, enjoy life and collect checks...

In other words, we make hosting your vacation rental as "push button" easy as it gets.

When you host your property through Hoste, you can rest assured that your property will be well taken care of...

One way we're able to book properties consistently, at premium prices and get repeat guests staying at your property leaving 5 star reviews is because we focus heavily on providing a VIP guest experience...

Here's some of the reviews we get from guests...

With Hoste You Can

Maximize Bookings To Increase Occupancy Rate
Optimize Pricing To Increase Booking Revenue
Attract Better Quality Guests
Increase Positive Reviews
Free Up Time and Enjoy Life More

You may have heard that vacation rentals bring in 2-3X more revenue than traditional long term rentals... but not every vacation rental performs this way...

Most hosts under estimate the amount of work it takes to run a vacation rental and quickly burn out...

Mica's Case Study

Micah decided to run his own vacation rental business for six months thinking he could save by doing things himself.

During that six month period, he discovered that marketing his vacation rental was more difficult, costly and time consuming than he expected.

Here what he says about Hoste

"It was a full-time job trying to manage and market my properties. After months of trying, I knew I needed to look for a local company that could do the job with better results." - Micah

In our initial conversation with Micah, we assured him that we could make his vacation rentals perform better with our unique marketing, pricing, management systems, and a full local team in Colorado Springs to provide a better guest experience.

"I decided to come back to Hoste when I discovered for myself just how difficult it was to effectively market your own vacation rentals. Honestly, the main reason I came back to Hoste was the marketing. They do a good job at keeping your property booked." - Micah

We are happy to announce that with our marketing, his properties are consistently booked. Micah is now using the revenue from his vacation rentals to pay off his properties while studying artificial intelligence in Amsterdam. We're glad to have him as a Hoste homeowner

Robin Searle's Case Study

Robin has over 10 years of experience in the real estate industry. Naturally keen to real estate trends, she saw great potential in the vacation rental market in Colorado Springs. Through her network of realtor friends, she heard about Hoste in October of 2018. 

She wanted a local property management company that could handle everything with a hands-off approach, so she could focus on her realtor business full time

In our initial conversations with Robin, we assured her that we would handle her vacation rental property with great care. We outlined all of our services. Within 10 days we got her listings live and started seeing immediate bookings.

"Hoste's staff are such a pleasure to work with. From the very first phone call, I felt at ease with their ability to do business. After that, I was particularly impressed by Hostē's dedicated and detail-oriented cleaning staff" - Robin

Robin is one of our homeowners who has been with us the longest. Her original property, "The OCC Retreat" grossed over $24,000 in her first year. As of 2020 she has added two properties to her STR portfolio bringing her gross revenue to $50,000+. 

By using our services, Robin is able to maintain her focus on her realtor business while making easy passive-income from her vacation rental.

To get started simply request a free vacation rental property analysis...

Our team will then reach out and help you determine how much better your vacation rental can perform by hosting your property with Hoste.

 Here's a few questions that can help you find out if your vacation rental can perform better and give you time freedom to do what you love...

#1 Do you have a specific guest acquisition, management and marketing plan for your vacation rental?

#2 Do you know how to analyze the profit potential in your market?

#3 Are your occupancy rates consistent even during slow season?

#4 Are you driving direct bookings so you don't rely on Airbnb, VRBO, or other online travel agency sites (OTAs)?

#5 Do you have a good system to manage guest communications and respond to inquiries promptly (especially late night)?

#6 Do you have a marketing plan to turn past guests into repeat clients?

#7 Do you have a good vetting process so you don't get low quality guests who leave bad reviews, request refunds or throw parties and damage your property?

#8 Are you providing a unique and memorable experience for your guests from pre-booking to post checkout and beyond?

#9 Are you outsourcing time consuming tasks like laundry, cleaning or managing cleaners, communicating with guests, accounting, pricing, doing property upkeep & maintenance?

#10 Do you have time to do things outside your business or add more properties to your portfolio?

If you answered "No" to any of the questions above, then chances are your vacation rental can perform better...

To find out how much more you can make from your vacation rental without spending more time or money, fill out the form below to get a free Vacation Rental Property Analysis...

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